Meditation House – An inner peace and harmony


Meditation house by David Jameson

Here you can learn about a great idea that the architect David Jameson offers to your attention.

In fact, it is something very original, such as a project of a teahouse, inspired by the style of Japanese architecture. Eastern trends in interior design have always been an inspiration for many architects and designers and it is quite natural. This has always been very attractive to our western taste and way of thinking. This house attracts us like a magnet, because the need for inner peace and meditation has recently increased, perhaps provoked by an increasingly dynamic lifestyles.

Japanese architecture house


Japanese architecture house with steel columns

Glass and steel are the rulers here. However, the house is devoid of any harshness and coldness. Even just the opposite – it is a great place where we can achieve an appropriate atmosphere for reflection, as and to achieve complete tranquillity. Here again we can rediscover the beauty and charm of the glass walls, or the beauty of a door made of wood. The eastern philosophy here is everywhere in the interior. This is a harmony of elements and details, successfully recreated in stunning designs. Beautiful floor lamps illuminate discrete space and offer a full merger with the beauty of nature.

Modern stunning design house

Meditation room


Meditation room

Meditation house with panoramic windows


Meditation house with panoramic windows

Eastern trends contemporary house


Eastern trends contemporary house

Glass walls of teahouse


Glass walls and wood door of teahouse

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