Innovative Modern Architecture

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Innovative Modern Architecture – The Glass House

By Milan-based architect Jacopo Mascheroni of JM Architecture


The Glass House near Geneva , Innovative Modern Architecture

Almost too perfect to be true – this extraordinary architectural statement maximises the use of glass from foundation to roof.  There is minimal evidence of supporting structures – nothing to distract from the architect’s vision of a totally transparent facade.  Seen at night, this image evokes connections with the famous painting by Edward Hopper ‘The Night Hawks.  Hopper’s composition was created in the dark days of the depression in 1930’s USA.   In the artist’s vision, the glass surround of the coffee bar appears to shield and protect the occupants from the dark desolation outside.  Contextually the similarity ends – this is a scene of comfort and wellbeing.  The occupants of the house are not being protected from the harsh realities of life.  They are being opened up to the beauty of their surroundings.

Innovative Modern Architecture

 The house is situated in an elevated position overlooking Lake Lugano in Switzerland – nature at its most picturesque.  The glass walls provide uninterrupted views of the magnificent scenery and unite the occupants with their natural surroundings. The structure of the house is dramatically ‘understated’ – truly Minimalist in concept and design. In fact it is almost invisible providing just the subtlest of frameworks to separate the internal from the external.

White and Minimalist Living Room Design

 The curved element softens the angularity and encourages a free flowing harmony between space and forms.  The supporting columns positioned tastefully within the house, suggest links with classical antiquity and add elegance to the interior.  The placement of these also provides further unity with the exterior as they relate to the fine vertical structures that contain the massive glass walls.  The vertical elements add emphasis to the height of the building and balance the strong horizontal lines of the architecture and internal furnishings.

Kitchen Design


The Kitchen Design is Also Minimalist with clean forms

 Seen from outside the interior appears as an immaculate ‘stage set’ in which the inhabitants of the house live out the drama of their daily lives.  This home is clearly designed for people with confidence, who have no need to hide away from the world. However, everyone needs privacy sometimes and sleeping quarters, study and bathrooms are located on a lower more secluded level.

By Jaz

The Bathroom Interior


The Glass House near the lake Geneva


The Glass House near the lake Geneva

New , Modern , Minimalist Design of the Living Area


The House is in the spirit of the New , Modern , Minimalist Design of the Living Area

The Staircase Design


The Staircase Design

Minimalist Interior Design


Minimalist Interior Design

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