Industrial Design in perfect harmony with nature

 Industrial Design in perfect harmony with nature – Slopped Terrain House


Minimalist House with Industrial Design by Architect Michael Rantilla

If you are a fan of innovation and futuristic designs and if you would like to see them in a very unusual for an urban house location then this article is just for you. For those who wish to live in harmony with nature but cannot leave the city the Sloped Terrain House by the Architect Michael Rantilla of Freelon Group is the best choice.

This house is located near Releigh North Carolina. With its gorgeous modern design it reminds us that industry and nature can come together in harmony.

Slopped Terrain  Modern Architecture House


Slopped Terrain Modern Architecture House

The house has a nice wooded sloped terrain. The three-storey home is designed with three district volumes, each of which faces a different direction. The floor plan has a multiple layered outdoor living areas. The deck sprawls into the outdoors from the main level.

Each of the floors looks very big on the outside but it is even more expansive on the inside. The architects have let their imagination go wild this time. This house is perfect for its location. You can see that it creates some sort of an urban oasis in the woods. Each of the views from the house is breathtaking; it feels as if you live in two different worlds at once. This is one of the reasons why this slopped terrain house is so unique and desirable.

The Kitchen Interior in Rustic Design


The Kitchen Interior in Rustic Design

Dining Area Design


The Kitchen and Dining Area from another angle

You could say that this futuristic house is mostly “industrial” made by urban materials such as stainless steel and walls of glass but there is something very inviting in its atmosphere, which is appropriate for modern rustic style houses. We could say that we owe that to the view. Somehow everything feels so natural and beautiful. The urban materials are mixed so well together that they create something cool and yet stylish, modern, and with a very nice welcoming atmosphere.

 The Bedroom design


The Bedroom of The Rustic Modern House

Living Room Design


The Living Room Interior again in Rustic Industrial Design

The Staircase Design


The Staircase Design

The Master Bedroom on the Top Floor


The Master Bedroom on the Top Floor

Modern Architecture Forest House


Modern Architecture Forest House

Luxury Modern Design House by Architect Michael Rentilla


Luxury Modern Design House by Architect Michael Rentilla



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