Indoor Pool Design House and Architecture

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Indoor Pool Design House and Architecture



Indoor pool design

If the luxury of minimalism suits you, then you will surely be fascinated by this amazing house, designed with great style by the architects of JM Architecture, Italy. Here you will find the comfort of a luxurious indoor pool, which was built back in 1960, but now it completely renovated by the aesthetics of minimalism. Here you can find a modern solution and mix of luxury items that are certainly able to transform this home into something extraordinary. The house is built on three levels and has a real charm. Each one of these three levels of course has its own purpose. This basement function room of rest and relaxation and it is a quiet place where you can comfortably relax.

Minimalist living room


Luxury minimalist living room

The paneling of this living space is teak, and in addition, a great glass wall acts as a room divider. The purpose of such a wall is to distinguish the area where the pool is positioned, but this does not reflect as on the open concept. The outer walls of the house are also made of glass, thus achieved is almost completely blurred the boundary between interior and exterior. Most of us are accustomed to associate the term “basement” with the space of the lower class. Of course, given the current standards in architecture and interior design, this is completely understandable. Nevertheless, here we get to know a completely different approach that completely changes our current concepts. This basement area is something completely different.

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