In and out – contemporary architecture

In and out – contemporary architecture


Contemporary house architecture design

Contemporary architecture has both function – to make you feel home and to shock you.

The balance is somewhere between these two feelings or in the design idea that is able to feel as yours a building that is shocking with its weird shapes or too bright colors. Kind of this is the message in this contemporary house. Its construction preserves the home atmosphere but lets you feel outside all the time.

Exterior design of Alan Voo house


Exterior design of Alan Voo house

The plan of the two-floored house, the old oak (probably two century years old) and the stairs inside the building speaks of traditional lifestyle, traditional family habits and traditional home. What is modern and non-authentic is the ray grass and rock plates put in the place where the sweet rose garden is supposed to be positioned.

Light colors kitchen interior

Light colors save the light energy inside the house. But on the contrary – big windows make its construction almost transparent and let the whole world peer into your private world. You live in this nice and tidy home but in the same way it is like you live in outside – watching the change of the seasons by the forest nearby and staring at stars at night, because the roof is also covered with lots of windows.

Open plan kitchen


Open plan kitchen interior design

Natural light that comes from outside easily is combining with the installed illumination on the ground. Together – human labor and natural resources – create the atmosphere nearby your home. Same things are observed in the line of materials that build the house. Green surrounding and the trees across the house are contrasting the plastic needles and the steal handles.

Modern stairwell design


Modern stairwell design

Contemporary architecture of this house lets you in welcoming and sees you off kindly. The construction of the house may look simple and even plain but the cozy feeling that it provokes are not easy to achieve. So, anybody who got the main idea of this modern architecture, will definitely feel this house as his own and will definitely be shocked after finding out how well he or she feels inside our outside of it.

Natural daylight staircase interior


Natural daylight staircase interior

Alan Voo house exterior


Alan Voo house exterior by Architect NMDA

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