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Luxury house by HUF Haus

What are the things we look for when we start building a new house?

We want something tasteful, something fresh. We want it build with quality and efficiency. We want space and lots of light. Last but not least we want it done as fast as possible and we want it done for a fixed price that won’t go over the top and ruin our budget. We are in luck, because HUF houses offer all that and which is more they have a green status when it comes to energy efficiency. That’s more then you can ask for, isn’t it!

Urban houses design


Urban houses design

Huf Houses are pre-fab, but don’t let this mislead you into thinking they are all the same. Quite the opposite, every house is a different one and is designed and build for you. Sure they have a very strong family resemblance and you can see this common language. You need to like their language, but once you do, you have any freedom you want to.

Luxury art architecture

Components are made of timber frame and tripe-glazed glass, which connects the houses to the landscape while still providing maximum insulation. Every part of the house is build with precision and quality which the Germans are well famous with. Non the less is the passion for design and detail that has won Huf houses the highest recognition at major architecture and design competitions.

Contemporary bungalow design


Contemporary bungalow design

When the architectural design of your house is done, you can start choosing your interior. No need to go from showroom to showroom to ‘dress up’ you home, Huf is the one place you need to pick from. Your house comes with all the finishes, flooring and fittings, no dirty work on sight everything is done, polished and ready for you to enjoy! And if that isn’t enough, on sight your house will be build up and ready to move in, in just one week! All of this sounds fabulous right? But take in mind that you still need to start planning and order your house much earlier.

Stylish office building design


Stylish office building design

 Plans and design, every single fixture and fitting in the house, costed down to the last euro, all of this happens months before the concrete plinth is poured. So if you find the mostly black and white and quite straight forward design of these homes to your liking, I’m sure you would appreciate their rather straight forward build process too. This rather simple but not at all plain conception also sets a tone on which you can draw with bold colors and put your own personal twist.

Contemporary architecture


Contemporary architecture from HUF Haus

Beautiful home architecture


Beautiful home architecture

by Liudmila Georgieva

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