Glass house design by Sagan Piechota Architecture


This unbelievably beautiful, modern glass house in Big Sur is called “The New Californian dream”. The modern architecture house is designed Sagan Piechota Architecture from San Francisco. The mountain and waterfront views are breathtaking and totally complete the luxury of the glass house. The boundaries between the indoors and outdoors are almost invisible, which contributes to the unforgettable feeling of being one with nature.  The walls allow you to see right through and appreciate the views of the outdoor surroundings. One of the best things about nature is that it is constantly changing. The wallpaper always stays the same, but the natural views cannot be replayed or duplicated.

Modern architecture glass house design


That’s why this Glass House is so unique. On the outside it looks as if the house is embraced by nature. Of course, the exterior is not the only thing that is exceptional about this beautiful home. The interior surroundings are just amazing. The architects mention – stone floors, concrete supports and a copper curved roof anchor as some of the features in this luxurious, unique home. This modern architecture house is perfect for a good vacation, during a holiday, or just for the weekend. It is great to spend a couple of weeks resting in a comfortable inviting atmosphere surrounded only by nature and beauty. This house is designed with a vision of the future.

Modern architecture glass house interiors


It is made of new materials; the glass design is very innovative and modern. Some of the architectural ideas are bold and edgy which definitely makes the house look fantastic.  The New Californian dream is everything but ordinary. It is definitely designed for people with taste and imagination, who can appreciate its exceptional beauty and quality. There aren’t many houses designed with inspiration. This one is definitely inspirational. You can tell that it is created not only by architects but by artists.


Glass house kitchen


Glass house interior


Minimalist bedroom with fireplace





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