Garden house by Suppose Design Office


Nagoya house architecture design

Visiting this small house in Nagoya, Japan is a unique experience. The architects from Suppose Design Office make sure that their creation will be remembered for a successful combination of modern design and garden space. This home sits on a rather small plot and is surrounded by other houses. As a result the project of the house has to be as efficient as possible by providing enough space and reducing the feeling of tightness to a minimum. The designers not only manage to do this, but also succeed in integrating a real garden inside the building. Rooms and gardens in the house are designed as part of one another and thus treated the same way.

Indoor garden design


Indoor garden living area design

The beautiful stone and plant indoor garden surrounds the living area on the first floor. These two spaces are separated by a thin glass wall. The bathroom is located behind the garden also separated with a glass wall. The whole space makes you feel cozy and also brings a taste of the outdoors inside. A staircase ascends from the garden to the second floor of the building. The stairs bathe in daylight thanks to a dormer placed right above them. Most of the lighting in the house just like here comes from above.

White minimalist living space


White minimalist living space design

The building has small compact windows that let a fair amount of light shed inside leaving the living areas a little darker and emphasizing on the garden. The upper level consists of open plan type rooms situated above the living area. It provides sitting areas overlooking the lower floor through rectangular openings in the slab. Those openings provide views especially to the garden integrating it to the second floor as well.

Bathroom interior design


Bathroom interior design

The interior design is kept minimal and simple. Most of the elements in the house are painted in pure white that gives them a modern and more spacious look. It also makes a perfect background for the green plants of the garden to stand out and bring color to the scenery.

By K.H.Hristova

Dining area design


Dining area design

Minimalist kitchen area


Minimalist kitchen area

Bathroom interior design


Stylish bathroom interior design

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