Eco-friendly modern apartments in Athens


Situated very near the golf course in Glyfada, the suburbs of the Greek capital Athens, this remarkable property is projected by the architectural studio 314. The building is divided into three separate single floor modern apartments, all of which with an unfolded built ground of 250 m2, three bed rooms and an impressive view of the Adriatic Sea.

Architectural formation of the modern apartments in Athens contemporary-living-room-furniture-design

A light atrium provides natural light in the secondary areas of each of the three modern apartments, in the same time working as a chimney, so that the hot air from the warmer summer months would come back. The homes are based on the bioclimatic design with a southern positioning. At the same time, the building is connected to the water, so that a natural cooling system would be created with the purpose of saving energy for cooling in the warm lengthy summer.

Modern apartments with contemporary interior designinteresting-wall-decoration-idea

Ecologically correlated technologies are built in everywhere and in all materials, used in the building process. The modern apartments are carefully chosen and maintain a low carbon print. The materials, used in the interior, are a collection of naturally found materials in nature, instead of industrial components. Also, they are chosen in a way so that they would create through colour a harmonious aura. The sculptures of Gianni Aspri, which decorate the living room, add an abstract whim amidst luxury and contemporary, with which the interior formation is characterized.

 Minimalist design for an office place minimalist-office-design-white-furniture

The building is surrounded by a swimming pool, as well as a small pond on the ground floor, which encourage the cosiness and feeling of cool calmness, which the entire property gives. The green surroundings around the modern apartments  by 314 architecture studio bring not only coolness, but also add an explicit colour in the exterior and create a natural connection between the building and the surrounding nature. It is also the natural connection to the sea, corresponding with its eternity and majesty. The entire building is naturally and beautifully placed in the scenery.

By B. Angelov

Black outdoor furniture in the modern apartmentselegant-Patio-furniture-pool

Eco-friendly architecture in Athens


Outdoor swimming pool area


Amazing facade lighting


Eco-friendly modern apartments in Greece


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