Contemporary house in the heart of Germany

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Entering this lovely and in the same time extra ordinary contemporary house, you will feel home – maybe because of its modern architecture and gorgeous interior design or because of the hospitable people who live here. Actually, it is very interesting and important to be mentioned the fact that it was someone from this spending family who designed the architecture and the interior design of this building. It is more than just a usual building, it is original minimalistic modern house, located in the heart of Germany – Munich – and its conception has come from the bottom of a really creative and talented artist – Susanne Nobis.

Nobis house living space interior

The main idea which Susanne Nobis sticks to while creating the plan and the interior design of this house consists of three important criteria for home coziness – lightness, spaciousness and neatness. The contemporary architecture of this eccentric German house allows the whole daily sunshine comes into each room inside without the need of any illumination. We observe a really untraditional house plan – instead of four walls, the house is consisted only of two walls. The other two ones are just two enormous windows. Meanwhile this type of constructions makes the house look more spacious.

Minimalist interior design with library


Neatness is provided with simple minimalistic interior design in each room. In view of the fact that the whole inside home interior is exposed, premises are ordered in a perfect way – with elegant pieces of furniture, a large quantity of unadulterated sense of style and esthetics. Kids room is clean and comfortable, kitchen is functional and practical, living room is fresh and cozy, and meanwhile the whole inside part of the house is enclosed by bamboo wooden shelves that can be characterized with the finest workmanship. On the shelves is arranged some kind of a century book collection. Home library brings big doze of authenticity and intimacy in the entire interior design.

Outdoor lighting exterior design


The exterior of this contemporary German house puts an accent on the eco green line. Some old tall trees surround the building which is meanwhile situated upon a ray grass surface. Outside lightings are prolonging the idea of lightness, spaciousness and neatness all around us, mostly in our hearts which must be lighted by something really noble all the time.

Minimalist style bedroom interior


Minimalist style bedroom interior

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