Contemporary Architecture Glass house in Ansley park


Glass house in Ansley park

The designing of houses for the modern family has turned into art that leaves its mark every now and then.

A good example of a house of that type is The Glass House in Ansley park in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It is built by the American architects Brian Bell and David Yocum from BLDGS Architects. The house is an addition to a 1910-era house in a historic downtown neighborhood.

Kitchen in Glass house


The Kitchen and  dining table set 

The construction area of house is very comfortable with rich nature and a fantastic view to the downtown skyscrapers. The house is a family home made from glass and wood. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a garage, kitchen, family room and a library. All of them are located on 3 floors linked by a new stair.
The clients expressed a strong desire to have their domestic spaces perceptually lodged in the out-of-doors, and to have the presence of the city skyline both night and day.

Living room in Glass house

The interior spaces are arranged according to the different levels of the house. Each of them is situated around a staircase that is located in the center of the house. The stairs have no visible stringers. The uppermost rooms are suspended over lower ones which creates a contrast of space types with the historic part of the building. The use of glass curtain-walls expresses the house’s main context – to ensure light and a beautiful view while engaging with the glass skyscrapers visible on the horizon.

Media room


The Media room

The interior design of the house is contemporary. Minimalist furniture made from natural materials is used. There is also some glass used inside for the stair railing. The colors are mostly in the neutral color scheme. All of these give a bit of gloom to the house but a classy gloom. The combination of façade and interior spaces that are visible through the transparent cladding material create a unique experience of living in the house and successfully merges with nature around it.

Outdoor pool


The Modern Architecture House seen from the backyard

Dining room


Dining room with Large Wooden Table

Glass house


Contemporary Architecture Glass house in Ansley park

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