Contemporary Architecture House– Living ‘Alfresco’ in California


Contemporary Architecture House – Living “Alfresco” in California

This stunning Contemporary Architecture house located in sunny California epitomises a lifestyle that is free from constraints – somewhere to escape the pressures of modern living. The architect, Rodney Walker, appears to have to have incorporated associations with the ‘free thinking’ attitudes of 1960’s and 70’s Californians into his ‘offbeat’ design. Their ideals included breaking away from mainstream society and getting back to nature. Walker’s remarkably clever structure is a fusion of ‘getting back to basics’ and cutting edge modernity. These extremes are cleverly combined to providing a home that allows the occupants a sense of comfort, ease and natural living, without sacrificing any of the luxuries of contemporary life.

Living Alfresco in California


Contemporary Architecture House – Living “Alfresco” in California

Since ancient times, domestic architecture’s primary function has been to address fundamental needs. Providing shelter and warmth to the inhabitants, the very first dwellings were simple structures arising from, or out of the landscape. People lived in caves, in tree houses, built huts etc, etc. Alternative forms of shelter evolved to suit different climates and environments, each type of dwelling blending naturally with the surroundings from which it arose.

Interior Design Contemporary Architecture House


Interior Design – The Kitchen

In keeping with ancient history, this home seems to spring from the landscape which encompasses it, appearing totally at one with the wooded hillside on which it is situated. The house certainly provides for the occupant’s fundamental needs. However, it transcends the basics in function and design. The interior construction incorporates a glass wall, curtain walls and mobile panels, affording unobstructed panoramic views to 270°. However, the flexible nature of the walls enables the family privacy when desired, within their 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The living room has a spectacular ceiling height of 17ft and an exotic plant wall.

Living Room Contemporary Architecture House


Interior Design – The Living Room

This is a home of contrasts and exciting unions. The delicate structure doesn’t overshadow its surroundings. The exterior appears light, almost weightless. The wooden construction links clearly to tradition but the style is extraordinary and totally contemporary.

The design is understated and yet dynamic at the same time. The swooping roof elevation is supported by a single slender post. This dart shaped canopy provides a clear visual reference to flight and connections to the sky. This implies suggestions of weightlessness and freedom. The slim column barely ‘tethers’ the roof canopy to the ground creating a symbolic connection between Heaven and Earth.

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Fireplace and Library of the Contemporary Architecture House


Another View of the Living Area

Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California


Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California



Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California

Bedroom Design


The Bedroom Interior Design

The Dining Area view


The Dining Area view

Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California


Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California



Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California



Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California



Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California



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Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California



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Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California



Contemporary Architecture – Living ‘Alfresco’ in California



Living Alfresco in California – Contemporary Architecture House



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