Beachfront house in bungalow style by Gracia Studio

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Beachfront house in bungalow style

Have you thought about renting a beach bungalow in Mexico for the summer? If you have you are in luck because this bungalow is also available for renting. Check it out; it’s definitely going to completely change your idea of a bungalow.  After reading this article it will become the dream house for the beach- lovers.

Beachfront houses


Beachfront houses

Gregori Residence and Beach House, which is located in Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico is truly a dream house for all those who enjoy the beach and would like to spend a summer in peace and harmony.  The beachfront bungalow-house is designed by Gracia Studio.

Beachfront house


Beachfront house

The beachfront house’s composition is very nice and contemporary. However, the simplicity of the construction and the use of common materials allow you to focus more on the view rather than the architecture of the house. The view is astonishing – you can see the mountains and the horizon on one side and the waves on the other.

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