Baltazar house by Public Architects


Modern compact house

This modern home is named Baltazar house. It is designed by Public Architects in La Jolla, California.

The house is small in size due to the lot it sits on. But small doesn’t necessarily mean cramped and uncomfortable. The architects try to make the most of this cozy little home by creating a proper floor plan and model the interior spaces accordingly. The result is a really beautiful and comfy home that feels just about enough spacious and private. When the lot doesn’t offer much horizontal space to build on the logical thing to do is build vertically.

Living room with fireplace


Living area with leather furniture and fireplace

That is what Public Architects do by making this a three-story house with a separate basement level for the garage. The first floor contains the more private rooms in the house. There for it has less and smaller windows. The main entrance of the house is located here as well and it is marked with large glazed doors. There is also a glazed exit to the deck in the back of the house.

Wooden staircase


The first floor is connected to the upper level by a staircase placed behind a wall. The second floor with the common living area in it has an open plan for achieving more spaciously looking rooms. House has large windows that let a lot of daylight inside and play an essential role in the room ventilation. The last floor has a small covered area made from wood.

Open terrace


Open terrace with outdoor furniture set

Most of this level consists of an open terrace that can be used as a living room. The construction of the house is concrete skeleton. The concrete is well visible in places. The façade is partly covered with wooden boards. The house interior consists of minimal furniture, most of it made from carefully polished wood.

Modern dining room


Dining room with wooden furniture

 The construction in the dining and living areas is visible, painted in white like the walls. The furnishing here has neutral coloring with few colorful accents. The more private rooms have suspended ceiling and more colorful image.

Minimalist kitchen design


Minimalist kitchen design with wooden island


Modern architecture


Modern architecture with minimalistic design

By K.H.Hristova

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