Art Villa Roling by Paul de Ruiter


Modern art villa Roling

Villa Röling is a modern house designed by Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter.

It represents the lifestyle and passion of its owners that happen to be art collectors. This supposes that there should be enough space for the exhibit of art pieces. Not only that, the house has to be open at most to the surrounding beauty of a natural lake and a garden.
The house is designed on three levels the lowest one of which is a basement. The other two levels contain all the living areas and they are arranged on the same principal.

Modern kitchen


Modern kitchen in beach house

Level one is the main entrance point of the house. The front door entrance leads into an entrance hall with a hanging closet. To the left is the kitchen that is reachable through a sliding door.

Living room


Modern living room with black sectional sofa

To the right is a spacious living room also reachable through a sliding door. The dining room is connected to both the living room and kitchen in this contemporary open floor plan. The whole first floor stands out thanks to the transparent façade and its four walls made from glass. This means maximum lighting and a 360 degree view of the natural scenery around. The staircase to the second house level is situated in the center of the house, facing the main entrance. On the upper floor is located a large spacious gallery that allow the exhibiting of numerous paintings and sculptures. Three bedrooms are also sheltered here. The construction of this level is much more closed with solid walls that have a few openings. There are two openings on each side of the exhibition area so that light can penetrate inside and reach the pieces of art that need natural lighting. The other two openings are located at each bedroom as an essential part of the living areas.
The interior is a mixture of minimal design and an art exhibition. Colorful and interesting pieces of art act as accents to the neutrally colored living spaces bathed in natural light.

Dining room


Elegant dining room with round table set

Modern beach house


Modern beach house exterior

Modern villa


Modern villa with sliding glass doors



Corridor with glass doors

By K.H.Hristova

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