Amazing modern architecture by SAOTA – the Cocoon House

modern architecture by SAOTA

An elegant example for modern architecture by SAOTA is the so called cocoon house, located in La Lucia, Durban the largest city in the South-African province of KwaZulu-Natal and third largest city in South Africa. Durban is also famous as the most loaded port, but this home, projected by Stephan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects, is an embodiment of peace and quiet on the coast of the ocean.

 Exterior characteristics – modern architecture by SAOTA

amazing modern house

The modern architecture by SAOTA  – the Cocoon house is not only proud with an incredible view of the ocean, but is also delighted by the neighbouring stylish near yards, protected garden and open air swimming pool. With the help of sliding glass doors, the everyday life flows into the garden, and on the other hand, the sliding panels can delicately encompass the inhabitants. The wide yard spaces, where garden and suitable equipment switch between each other, bring a feeling of calmness and spaciousness, strengthened by the closeness of the expanse of water. The majestic trees near the house are a natural protection in the hot days. The giant swimming pool takes up a large amount of surface in the front part of the garden and is a main element of the exterior decision.

Interior characteristics of the modern architecture by SAOTA

SAOTA house design

The decor of the modern architecture by SAOTA inside is characterized by the whiteness and the feeling of light. The natural materials are predominant – wood, with which the ceilings and stairs are decorated. The smooth wood pattern continues in the design of the furniture, chosen in a predominantly pale scheme.

In the entire interior, a lot of glass is used, from the folding doors, through the stairs to the decorative elements. It allows the light to flow freely in the rooms and to reflect by strengthening its presence. The wide spaces on the floors are well balanced from the heavy, wide furniture. The entire interior creates a feeling of cosiness and convenience.

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Interior the Cocoon House – modern architecture by SAOTA

white living room furniture

Modern staircase – house entrance

wall light staircase

Minimalist bathroom design idea

cozy modern bathtub

Outdoor area – modern architecture by SAOTA

outdoor staircase - wooden

Modern facade and lighting

modern house design SAOTA

Amazing facade – house with pool by SAOTA

house SAOTA lighting

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