The dualistic design of Sagaponac House

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 The dualistic design Sagaponac House

Here is an example of a witty dualistic design that fits to the terrain in the most original way. You should have a really creative mind to think of an idea like this one here. Sagaponac House is a 4,500 square in an eastern Long Island community, designed by Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown, partners of Tsao & McKown Architects, New York. It is a contemporary underground architecture – a modern, minimalist cube above the land line, and elaborate swimming pool beneath. Now that is a true underground design! The topography of the house was reshaped in order to root the structure to the earth, considering the nearly flat site in a young growth forest had offered no footing.

 Modern dualistic house design

 The- Pool - Modern- House- Design

The upper white cube was established slightly below grade while the surrounding terrain was sculpted into a gentle rise. The upper floor is a light-filled space connected to the pool and entertaining area. Anchoring the dualistic design house also allowed the visible volume to be reduced, and enabled the creation of secluded indoor/outdoor spaces. The Sagaponac House functions on multiple levels – it is an intimate retreat for two and an accommodating host to an extended family. Thus it promotes overlapping narratives, which is a great approach. Check out the rooftop patio which is a sprawling space ideal for socializing and relaxing in the sunshine.

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