Modern glass prefab house by A-Cero

Posted on 20/10/2011 Author: . Under: Architecture, Interior Design


If you don’t know what exactly a prefab house means then let us give you a short explanation. Prefab homes are dwellings manufactured off-site in advance, relativity cheap comparing to many homes on the market. Today  the term “prefab” is actually more closely related to the style of home, which is usually modernist, than to an exact method of construction. Spanish architects A-cero introduce a modern glass prefab house which is a modular architecture product in the market, based on the principles of the Industrialized Construction.

Black glass prefab house


It is a house design that benefits from the modern industrial manufacture and its construction, modularity, technology, quality control and time frame. The glass prefab house design will benefit from on-site assembly and factory production, which results in shorter construction times, more specialized labour, higher overall quality and lower price. These standardization procedures are applied more than one century ago with the production of automobiles by Henry Ford. In fact one of two pilot projects comes with the option of being fully decorated and equipped, and ready for occupancy. The architects demand greater control in the initial phases of design, since everything must be designed and controlled beforehand, thus no place for improvisation is left.

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