Modular storage system by MDF Italia


These modular storage systems by MDF Italia are executed in quality wood. The Random storage system is very modern and stylish. It can be an essential piece of every living room, bedroom or office. You are probably wondering why this storage system is so special. The best thing about it is that you can arrange it to suit your own space, purpose and interior.

Modular storage system


The Randomito bookcase, for instance, lets you go beyond your imagination. You can rearrange it any way you want. The only limits you will have are the walls, of course. The Random Cabinet and the Random Box are both available with open and closed cabinet shelves. They are also adjustable and can be mixed together to suit your purpose. The Random modular storage systems by MDF Italia have a very unique urban classic style. Especially the ones offered in wood. You can use the storage system to display your favorite books, photos from your travels or souvenirs. It saves up space and makes the interior more inviting. Not many pieces of furniture let you rearrange them the way you want, especially the shelves and the bookcases.

Modular storage system for the walls

Modular-wall-storage-system 02

The modular wall furniture is designed to be customer friendly. Of course it is not designed for one customer, but for every customer. You can mix it up, change it, or rearrange it just for you. The design of the modular storage system by MDF Italia has a beautiful, simple design allowing it to be arranged perfectly with different types of furniture items. Its simplicity is one of the best things about it. The designers of MDF Italia have thought about everything. You can store the things you don’t want others to see in the closed cabinets and shelves and decorate the rest of the shelves to suit your style. And don’t forget: more space means more comfort.

Modular-storage-system 03

Modular-storage-system 04

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