Modern house architecture by Correia-Ragazzi Aquitectos


The modern house architecture makes extreme solutions when it comes to dealing with the environment. This project will fascinate anyone who loves blend of design and nature.

Even if it looks a little bit dangerous, it is hard to deny the innovative plan of the architects. Here is a house architecture that looks like a landed UFO! The award-winning Casa no Geres, located in Peneda-Geras National Park in northern Portugal, is designed by Portugal-based firm Correia/Ragazzi Aquitectos.

Modern house architecture design


At first sight this river-front modern house architecture looks simple, but then you realize that half of the house sticks out over the Cevado River rushing below. Mica and Eduardo Pinto Ferreira, who are the owners of this house, have been Correia’s clients for a long time. They gave her and her new Italian partner, Roberto Ragazzi, a carte blanche to create their dream house on the 5,000 square-meter site by the Cevado river with only two strict criteria – no trees would be cut for the home’s execution, and that it would be made of concrete. As this unique house is located in Peneda-Geras National Park, near the Spanish border in northern Portugal, rules for building are really strict. So, following the rules they made this house out of concrete on a 60 square-meter surface which was the maximum allowed footprint for the site.

Modern house architecture by Correia-Ragazzi Aquitectos


While the house exterior looks almost normal, the open concept layout and stylish simplicity of the interiors that complements the magnificent view are truly amazing. There are glass walls on either side of the structure that invite nature in, and all the elements seem to speak the same language as the bleak surroundings. At the rear of the home you can find the living area which boasts a glazed wall framing views of the river valley. If you live there you can’t escape seeing magnificent views, that is for sure.


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 Unique river-front house design



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