Modern architecture design from Japan

Posted on 10/10/2011 Author: . Under: Architecture


Banks are not usually associated with artistic architecture design and vibrant colors, but here is an example of future-forward design in Tokyo by the Japanese architecture company Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design. They have handled the architectural and interior design for the Sugamo Shinkin Bank’s newly relocated branch in Tokiwadai. It is creative and playful design is randomly dotted with large and small windows that are cut into the façade, with beautiful, fresh colours inside the cutaways. The building’s modern architecture design is identified by its bright colours, which this time frame a rhythmical assortment of windows. No, it is not the typical bank, but surely worthy of attention.

Modern architecture design from Japan – Bank


The modern architecture design and the interiors are based around a “leaf” motifs and the facade of the building features silhouettes of trees. By basing their design around leaf motifs, Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design  sought to create a refreshing space that would welcome customers with a natural, rejuvenation feeling. A constellation of leaves in twenty-four different colors on the white walls and glass windows overlaps with the natural foliage of the real trees in the courtyards. This color palette continues in the interior where workspace feature the same inspiring, leaf motif while an open space on the first floor is laid out with chairs in 14 different colors.

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