Мulti-generational home – Gable house by BUB Archtekten

Posted on 20/10/2011 Author: . Under: Architecture


What exactly is a multi-generational home? It should be a building whose design facilitate common living of two or even three generations. This is actually how parents and their generations can live happily together, but it’s always up to good architecture and living space where they could have their own private space too. It is a place where “happy family” is a real slogan. It is not an easy task, but contemporary design is always forward-thinking and ready to cope with finding an alternative solution.

Modern Gable house – Мulti-generational home


But is there any good multi-generational home design worthy of spending money? Here is a great example of a great house, which is also a multi-generational. But let us first explain what gable house is. Well, a gable is the triangle formed by a sloping roof as a building may be front-gabled or side-gabled. A gable roof has a triangular shape, whether the gable is seen on the front and rear of the house or on either side. There are also different pitches and designs of gable roofs.

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