Minimalist modern house design by Michael Parks


This sleek, open, inviting and comfortable minimalist modern house design was created by Michael Parks and is a true lesson in modern architecture. He succeeded in combining a minimalist aesthetic with comfort and luxury and that is not an easy task. The home’s minimalist interiors feature floor-to-ceiling glass walls which are a perfect complement to the surrounding natural views. Stand-out exterior features beautiful color combination of the façade, sustainably-harvested brown wood and plastered concrete wall. Michael has also created the wood-trellised box-framed window, metal decoration, and beautiful metal details for the multiple balconies and outdoor entertaining areas that complete the alfresco living experience. The interiors are cool and comfortable while bold geometry lends itself well to the open-concept main floor, lined with glass walls. The interior also features similar to the exterior style, bold lines and the similar color combination of wood floorings, white walls and ceilings.  Sustainable materials including the wood and metal cladding, along with recycled concrete and slate were used throughout.

Minimalist modern house design by Michael Parks


It is interesting that the designer/owner of this minimalist modern house design doesn’t have any architectural education background, but yet led this project. He explains that he wanted to explore the possibility of using his love of architecture and his creative, budgeting and project management skills from TV and film producing to try and do it himself. He wanted to build a beautiful DIY house,  surrounded, inside and out, by warm, modern architecture that is art, but could be lived in comfortably. If you are interested in this project check out more photos or to find out why Michael Parks turns out to be a good architect, visit his new website MSP Design Development. His company is committed to creating the best in architectural design, innovative design and design solutions result in residential and commercial spaces that will improve the lifestyle quality.


Modern architecture single family house


Living room interior


Living room design


Interior design


Interior design – The Staircase






The Bedroom




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