Minimalist House Refurbishment Enhances Historic Farmhouse


‘Le Marche Villa’ redesigned by Wespi de Meuron Architekten of Caviano, Italy

This 300 year old Italian farmhouse has been brought back from the brink of destruction through the minimalist house refurbishment. This wonderful fusion of modern and traditional architecture is located in the region of Macerata in central Italy. ‘Le Marche Villa’ is situated in the stunning hilly Italian landscape near the town of Treia.

 Tasteful Minimalist House Refurbishment enhances the Old Farmhouse


Tragically in 1995 half of the original architecture of this magnificent historic house was damaged by fire. An additional challenge for the architects was that the traditional outer facade of the structure was subject to a preservation order. Happily the restoration of the building has resulted in a remarkable example of how a purely minimalist house refurbishment can complement and enhance a glorious old stone building.  The architects state that; “The architectural language thematizes the combination of old substance and new interventions: sometimes by contrast and sometimes by merging both old and new.”

Minimalist house refurbishment in Italy


The main masonry structure of the building has been preserved and restored with no evidence of modern intervention.  The roof was totally replaced in the traditional manner using red terracotta tiles. However, all timber structures were gutted and replaced.  This gave the design team the opportunity to maximize the sense of free flowing space and light entering the interior.

The replacement minimalist elements include new intermediate floors and new interior walls all of the new walls are finished in white plaster. The house refurbishment includes the floors – they were made without visible joints in a durable material that provided a sleek seamless surface.  The use of the plain white walls, ceilings and floors naturally maximizes the sense of space and light within the interior.  This meant it wasn’t necessary to alter the existing window openings so the character of the exterior façade remains intact and as it was originally intended to look.

 Success of this Minimalist Architecture Refurbishment Relies on Simple Contrasts.


The interior of ‘Le Marche Villa’ is dramatic yet serene at the same time.  The success of the scheme is the consistent contrast between the rustic stonework and sleek white modern surfaces.  Throughout the house this simple contrast is all that is needed to create a marvelously harmonious and powerful interior design scheme.  Delightful glimpses of the Italian landscape, seen through the characterful windows, are enough to bring a fresh colorful vibrancy to the interior. So the success of this minimalist house refurbishment by Wespi De Meuron Archtiects  is due restrained embellishment of what is already perfect.

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