Goldfinger Retreat – a private summer house by WRB architects


Here is a great project executed for a private summer house on the island of Storholmen, close to downtown Stockholm.

Designed by architecture company WRB this modern home is an answer to the client’s demands for a “retro futuristic retreat”. It doesn’t sound like the easiest task to cope with, but the architects did their best. Founded by architect Natascha Racki, the Swidish studio based in Stockholm focuses on smaller thoroughly designed homes. This time they made a de luxe beach bungalow called the Goldfinger Retreat after the third spy film in the James Bond series. Well, that is an original concept, don’t you think? Actually it completely corresponds to the client’s idea as the design is a blend of modern features and classic cottage style. They made a seasonal James Bond-esque cottage designed for socializing with family and entertaining with friends. The great luxury beach house had to be combined with strict building regulations prescribing traditional roof houses with a maximum building size of 60 + 30 square meters.

Luxury private summer house – Goldfinger Retreat


The overhanging roof guarantees all-weather entertaining on the deck and brings extra protection during bad weather. The indoor of this private summer house has an amazing fireplace – the hotspot of the house – is surrounded by a elevated sofa creating a little lounge with cozy atmosphere. Nearby there is a large leaning window that brings the panoramic views inside in the daytime and stars during the night. The sofa and the loft above the large kitchen also serve as extra sleeping quarters for overnight guests.

Luxury private summer house fireplace


The open concept hub-of-the-home kitchen expends on the terrace when the folding doors are open. It adds another social layer to the party-orientated atmosphere as partying is always easier when the kitchen is close by. Maximum space for socializing is secured also by packing together storage, sleeping and washing. For more information about this original private summer house design you check out the Swedish architecture studio WRB website.

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