Fascinating house by Daniel Leibermann and Dwyer Design


This renovated fascinating house is called the Radius House and was originally built in 1960, designed by Daniel Leibermann, a former Taliesin West student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Its name comes from the fact that it is built with circular floor plan with ceilings that physically represent the radius. The house used to be iconic for its anti-style, designed with a minimal approach to the necessary protection from the natural elements but still not ignoring them. The house’s west-facing wall of windows allowed blending into the surroundings, and was made of rustic materials: skylights obtained from WWII bombers, salvaged brick, exposed radial beams of Douglas fir reclaimed from a bridge in Ukiah, and more.

Fascinating house and minimalist interior design


The architect Vivian Dwyer of Dwyer Design, and the owners who wanted to honor the original design found an ingenious solution for the renovation of this fascinating house by adding modern elements and thus turning it into a wonderful timber home. They decided to refurbish all the materials and to coat the brick walls with white plaster for more contemporary look and reorganized the small bedroom and bathroom spaces by removing partitions to achieve a more open-concept and modern look. Keeping true to Daniel Leibermann’s use of local or recycled materials and local craftspeople who were hired to make the custom concrete tub, metal thresholds, cabinetry, custom wood furniture, and plaster work.

The idea of the fascinating house named Radius


The renovation includes a kitchen redesign, refurbished concrete floors, wire-brushed and waxed wood rafters and ceiling, wood beams, metal pipes and exposed brick walls were covered with clean plaster. A master bedroom and bathing area combination, a powder room and dressing area are situated at the rear of the home. There is a fabulous stone fireplace, and a built-in luxurious bathtub. Each room offers breathtaking views of the giant redwood forest outdoors while floor-to-ceiling glass walls flood the home with natural light.


Interior design – The fireplace area


Dining room


Wooden dining table


Kitchen furniture


Bedroom interior design


The second bedroom interior


Bathroom interior design


Bathroom design


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