Eco friendly house by LeanArch Architects


The eco friendly house is a single family residence located in the Gaslight District of Manhattan Beach. The home is also featured as a part of the American Institute of Architects’ 2009 Fall Home Tour, and is one in a series of homes commissioned by Kuhlhaus Development, LLC and produced by the award-winning Los Angeles based Design/Build company Lean Arch, Inc.

The forward-thinking project is committed to responsible development – redefining the modern eco friendly house in response to concerns regarding energy consumption, land-use and the environment.

Modern archtiecture eco friendly house


The solar powered open-plan of the eco friendly house features large glass sliding doors that create both visual and physical continuity between the interiors and the entertaining areas like patios and decks, designed with an industrial-chic flair. This contemporary style designed home is situated on 4,080 sq. ft. with a cool facade and contemporary interiors. Proving that stylish means sustainable, this eco home design is Green rated, making it one of the most ecologically-friendly high-end homes that Manhattan Beach had ever seen. This house has state-of-art green technologies, a cutting-edge thermal heating system embedded in the second and third floors called “Warmboard.”

The Eco Friendly house


It also uses aluminum sheeting to conduct heat more efficiently than concrete floors associated with radiant heating systems. The floors are made of Brazilian teak wood called “Eco Timber” cumuru, a fast-growing species which is environmentally certified for its sustainability. And it is sustainable for real! The insulation is made from recycled blue jeans while the home’s aluminum siding is made from a recycled material. The home boasts “stack” ventilation which is a six-inch gap between the east wall of the west-facing home and the second and third story floors. On these floors you can find 35 ft. windows and decks that span the entire west side of the eco friendly house  offering a truly exuberant 180 degrees view including large measures of beach, water, even the Manhattan Beach pier.


The Eco Friendly house kitchen interior design and furnishing


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