Cool timber and stone houses by Superform


Sometimes renovation projects can turn out to be extremely attractive if designers’ mind is creative enough to think of an innovative way to change a living space.

If functionality and modern design work hand in hand then the result could be fascinating. The only thing left is to have the courage to do it. If you get our idea then check out the next cool project. We think it is really inspiring. Architects Anton Žižek and Marjan Poboljšaj of the Slovenian architecture firm Superform, both of whom graduated in 1997, are renowned in Europe for their progressive design work. They are true innovators in interior design. Recently they made an interesting project for a private client – a progressive timber and stone houses design in the town of Ljubno ob Savinji, about 70 km from Slovenia’s capital of Ljubljana. The architects clubbed two dwellings into a single unit proving their future-forward thinking is at its best. It is more or less a matter of vision and progressive design working together. They combined these houses by separating the living and socializing areas in two very different buildings. The houses are different in style and function.

Timber and stone houses design


The first one of the timber and stone houses – the timber one – is characterized by its private design and resembles the traditional buildings of the area which is monolithic and introverted. This wood-clad house with windows shuttered for privacy from the outdoors is made of timber and stone structure and includes the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.

Modern timber and stone houses interiors


The second house which resembles a boat-like structure made of glass, steel and wood, is more extroverted and modern. The building houses the social spaces and looks entirely livable. Its combined structure agrees with its environment as the living room, dining room and a large hall invite the outdoors in by a wide glass wall, open to the patio overlooking the pool.


Modern home interior design


Living room with fireplace


Timber house plans


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