Concrete house in Sydney, Australia by Tony Owen Partners Architects

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Australian architects  Tony Owen Partners designed this concrete house in Sydney, Australia, for a client who happens to be a concrete contractor. He actually planned to build the house himself that resulted in maximum use of concrete and solid construction. Due to the client’s heritage, the house design was influenced by the Mediterranean architecture materials and forms. The home’s exterior is made of curved shell forms that resemble to sails of a fishing boat from the Greek Islands. Now, that is called back-to-the-roots design! The massive white walls resemble windblown sails thus creating an airy, in-motion effect. The client wanted a lot of entertaining areas featuring patios and terraces that abut floor-to-ceiling windows, maximizing the connection to the large outdoor space. The kitchen and living areas also dissolve into the large outdoor room for entertaining which contains a glass swimming pool with a pool bar and an outdoor seating enclosure.

Concrete house in Sydney, Australia


Creating a unique and iconic home, according to the client’s brief, was a challenge for the architects as the site is situated in a fairly homogeneous suburban location. Therefore the concrete house has been designed as a series of blocks progressively stepping up from the ground floor and minimizing the house impact to the surrounding areas. This multi-level layout progressively opens up to be completely open to the rear, with each level connected to a central staircase. An interesting fact is that the original idea for this staircase, formed as a sculptural element in dark polished concrete, came from the James Bond movie ‘Never Say Never Again’.

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