Cabin house design by Shun Hirayama Architecture

Cabin home design

There are houses offering great views of the surrounding, but there are also houses submerged into breathtaking vistas and you can’t escape seeing the beautiful scenery. Here is an example of a mountain cabin house design perched on a mountainside facing Kanagawa which will surely impress everyone who loves being surrounded by beautiful views.

Cabin house design


The amazing cabin house design is created by the award winning Japanese architecture firm Shun Hirayama Architecture whose architects chose a great location for this wood clad slope house. Its place offers a point for the endless views of the city and the surroundings. A big balcony is taking advantage of the views while sliding doors help the bathroom to peer at the outsides while enjoying privacy and an airy feel. What else?

Cabin house design and interior


Oh, did we mention that the living room frames great views and the bedrooms overlook the hill? Hirayama planned all four main living areas in a way to relate to the slope as he wanted to maintain that sense of country in this design. Moreover, these four volumes were overlapped to form a single, connected home, whose country-chic style interior was shaped to fit the terrain form. The natural “forest” feel also prevails indoors, where walls are set in diverse angles with various ceiling heights and straight sight lines evoke the sense of walking in the forest. Especially if you feel the wind that enters into the one-room interior space. It is almost the same as sitting on a natural stump, on a slight level difference. The interior of the building features 10 different floor levels. This is how outside is brought inside and the whole atmosphere is one of a natural experience. You know there are no perfect straight lines in nature don’t you? In other words, to bring the outside into the house the architects used a design that relates to the slope in order to maintain the natural experience.










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