Australian courtyard home design by Tandem Design Studio

Posted on 27/10/2011 Author: . Under: Architecture


The Kensington Lighthouse’s design was predominated by the difficulties of a constrained site: a 160 sq.m. strip of land between a former factory and its kitchen. The courtyard home design has overcome the obstacles by two ‘sun shells’ reflecting light from north facing windows.

The Australian courtyard home design has an Eco home interior


This project was widely published in review publications and the popular media, including The New York Times, Architectural Review Australia, The Age, The International Herald Tribune and Dezeen and was awarded at the IDEA Awards Best Residential Interior in 2009.  Tandem Design Studio was established in 2004 by Tim Hill and James Murray, as a collaborative design studio to explore new architectural possibilities and since then it has been involved in a broad range of residential, commercial, institutional and interior projects. The studio works for a diverse range of public and private clients in Australia and overseas. The Australian courtyard home design is created like two shells, connected by a linking element comprising a long, stepped stair around a central courtyard, contains platforms positioned at different heights along the depth of the site thus creating privacy and maintaining adjacency.

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