Art deco house design in Singapore by Ong&Ong.


Recently ONG&ONG renovated an Art deco house in a terrace house into an austere neutral living space in Singapore. International architecture company Ong&Ong Founding partners was established by the late Mr. Ong Teng Cheong and Mrs. Ong Siew May in 1972. The organization was incorporated in 1992 and in 2003 and 2004 it ventured into interior and landscape design respectively. The architects transformed a traditional terrace home into a modern minimalist living space, but not at the expense of the structure’s historic character as many historic elements were left untouched in the 306 square meter space. That creates a nice contrast to the new, ultra-modern features. Right in the entrance of the home you can find the main-floor kitchen and dining area which creates an ideal layout for socializing and entertaining. This was made in light of the fact that most parties center around food, hence, this arrangement allows guests to casually mingle with their hosts. The white, bright and open-concept interiors feature clerestory windows that further flood the home with natural light. In the art deco house design there is with plenty of folding doors and shuttered windows open to the outdoor entertaining areas and terrace.

Art deco house design -The outdoor furniture


The Art deco house design was intended for rental so a neutral color palette was employed to complement the changing tastes between individual tenants while a steel-sheet staircase hangs from a ceiling beam, adding an architectural interest and a playful air. We can say that the piece de resistance of the home is the roof top loft that leads out to the rooftop garden and patio, providing a marvelous private view of the surrounding city. 31 Blair Road is an innovative response to the constraints of conservation building and it eliminates the boundary between inside and outside, in order to create multiple relationships between diverse activities that occur in a rental art deco house.

Art deco house design and living room interior


White minimalist kitchen


White living room interior  design


The  Terrace


Outdoor furniture



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