Modern villa – L by Powerhouse Company and RAU

stylish modern villa design

This lovely modern villa design called simply “L” is designed by Powerhouse Company and RAU. The two companies joined forces and created something absolutely extraordinary.

The villa is located in Utrecht, Netherlands and is surrounded by a wonderful natural environment – a forest and an expansive yard, which only compliments the indoor of the home and its gorgeous architecture.  The house is designed for a family that wants to escape from the business, stress and noise of the city without being completely isolated from socialized areas. Although it is located in the woods, the house is fully equipped to satisfy the needs of the residents even for a longer period of time.

Natural blend-in solution – modern villa design in Netherlands

modern villa architecture expansive windows

This modern villa includes lovely breathtaking views towards the garden and the surrounding natural environment. The expansive outdoor area is completely adequate to provide a lovely playground for the family with three children. Although it is fairly expansive, the house is very much minimalistic oriented in terms of interior. The vast-expansive interior spaces and open solutions give the sensational feeling of freedom, comfort and relaxation.

Gorgeous, expansive interior of a modern villa with incredible glass doors

innovative villa architecture

This gorgeous sustainable modern villa features a three-level interior, as the living space is located on the ground floor and portraits the maximized interior area, natural blend-in with the exterior solution and open-space concept. The living room and the kitchen have a wonderful view and are naturally sun-beamed all through the day. The two studies are located to the north, providing comfort and isolation from the other living spaces. The first floor is ideal for the bedrooms because it provides the privacy and intimacy the residents need. The basement is beautifully designed and furnished for the guests. This home is ideal for vacations all-year-round.

Beautiful natural surrounding

modern villa l powerhouse

Gorgeous, picturesque views 

incredible villa design solution

Expansive exterior 

incredible architectural design modern villa

Beautiful backyard 

gorgeous modern villa backyard

Incredible glass structure

innovative modern villa design idea

night view l villa

Exceptional, white minimalist, luxurious interior

gorgeous white interior expansive area

North-faced studies

gorgeous stylish villa design

Gorgeous wall solution 

expansive villa design solution

expansive interior villa open space solution

expansive indoor area minimalist design

beautiful innovative modern interior design

white minimalist villa interior

stylish villa design solution

expansive interior design villa design

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