Modern residence – Skyline House by Dick Clark Architecture

incredible modern skyline house design

This modern residence is called Skyline House and is located in Austin, Texas. The house was designed by Dick Clark Architecture. Big oak trees embrace the structure of this lovely residence and allow it to naturally blend-in with the surrounding environment, even though the architecture is modern and in a way very sophisticated. Some of the exterior has inspired the interior, due to the fact that the house is beautifully furnished in gorgeous earth-tones and beautiful nature inspired textures.

Stylish, modern residence embraced by oak trees

beautiful skyline house design idea

The modern residence is actually situated on West Lake Hills on a slope and makes a natural, gorgeous slide between the oak trees. The strength and assets of this gorgeous home are definitely hidden in its unique connection with nature. The house’s structure follows beautiful the line of the slope and has an incredible, breathtaking view towards Austin, Texas. The natural blend-in solution between the living area and the surrounding exterior is provided by the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. This gives the interior vast-openness and allows it to be naturally sun-soaked through the day. The exterior of the structure is beautifully finished with stone and zinc, allowing the house to be low-maintained if necessary.

Beautiful, modern residence

modern skyline home

This modern residence is the perfect home for all-year-round living and also for a vacation home. It is expansive and flexible in terms of interior. The house includes gorgeous contemporary furnishing and natural elements incorporated in the overall interior design. This house interior provides comfortable living as a full-time residence, because it is fully equipped, the private areas are well-separated from the living area, which gives a sense of privacy. This home is perfect for social gatherings due to its expansiveness both indoors and outdoors.

Incredible night skyline view

beautiful skyline house solution

Nature-inspired outdoor furnishing

modern residence skyline home

Breathtaking views and lovely natural surrounding

night view skyline design

Minimalist modern bedroom design 

beautiful skyline design idea

White bathroom interior 

white minimalist interior design

Modern interior – living space

Skyline House gorgeous interior design solution

Expansive living space 

skyline house design solution

 Gorgeous interior design – floor-to-ceiling windows

incredible stylish modern house design

inside modern residence sykline

gorgeous skyline house modern residence

incredible modern skyline home

gorgeous skyline house design

contemporary house design interior

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