Guest house architecture – Rolling Huts by OSKA Architects

rolling huts OSKA architects

Guest house architecture has a totally new concept and it is designed by OSKA Architects (Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects). The project was completed in 2007 and is referred to as the “Rolling huts”.  The beautiful accommodation guest houses are located in Washington, USA overlook towards the mountain Mazama. The houses are actually offered for renting, so if you want to spend your vacation in one of these gorgeous beauties, you can.

Modern guest house architecture – suitable for camping shelter

guest house night view

This innovative guest house architecture project was designed for an owner who wanted to provide his family members and close friends with a natural camping-style living for a vacation or a get-away. The houses are very low-tech and simple, providing only the basic modern technology, and create a modest way of living and an exclusive connection with nature. The huts are actually located on a lovely plot of land near a meadow and a river valley. The owner actually bought this land as a former RV campground and decided to keep the surrounding areas as natural as possible.

Beautiful guest house architecture into the wild

guest house architecture rolling huts OSKA architects

The guest house architecture structures are actually all designed to face the mountains and have amazing, breathing views towards the surrounding area and the mountains, but together, they look a lot like a herd, providing a lovely outdoor get-together area for the family and friends to spend time camping and enjoying the beauty of nature. The houses are appropriate even for the winter time. They provide safety and warmth isolating you from the rough weather outside, but keeping the beauty of the outdoors through the expansive windows.

Gorgeous architecture 

guest home architecture modern stylish

Perfect for the winter

guest houses rolling huts

Magnificent views towards the mountain

stylish oska architects house

The houses form a lovely “herd” of structures

stylish rolling huts oska

Perfect solution for camping

outdoor solution guest house

Incredibly stylish wooden minimalist interior 

rolling huts oska house

Low-tech interior but fully equipped with everything necessary for a vacation

gorgeous stylish interior design

Comfortable bed

beautiful bedroom idea guest house

stylish modern minimalist interior

beautiful warm inviting atmosphere

stylish architecture plan

rolling huts architectural planing

rolling huts architectural plan

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