Family home architecture by Dennis Gibbens Architects

modern family home architecture

This incredible family home architecture is designed by Dennis Gibbens Architects. Located in Venice, California, USA, this two-story house includes a permanent residence with a 5,000 square foot indoor area constructed over a land of 12,000 sq. feet. On the property land there’s also a guest house, which gives the family the ability to invite friends over at any time. Because it is located near LA, California, this luxurious modern home is naturally sun-soaked all-year-round.

Gorgeous family home architecture

family home architecture modern design

This lovely family home architecture was designed for a family with four members. With its interesting layout and vast-expansive interior, this residence is pretty unusual for LA. The living room includes a double-height space. The first floor includes the public area, which is shaped as a bar and has open-solution design. The private area is located on the second floor and has a T-shape. There you can see a master suite and the children’s bedrooms. The second floor also features a media room and office and a laundry room. All of the private areas are nicely separated from the public space and in a way isolated from noise and disturbance both from the indoor and outdoor areas.

Incredible contemporary interior complements the family home architecture

inside modern home architecture

Near the family home architecture building is situated the guest house, which is surrounded by a lovely pool. Now this is typical for an LA home – having a swimming pool and spa in your own backyard. Both the residence and the guest house are beautifully furnished. The contemporary interior is complemented by glass and metal panels integrated on the exterior of the structure.

Lovely guest house

beautiful stylish home decoration

Beautiful poolside area 

beautiful home architecture

Modern arrangment and furnishing of the outdoor area

modern family architecture

Floor-to-ceiling windows

expansive interior design

Elegant, luxurious bathroom design idea

modern family beautiful stylish design

Creative storage space solution 

beautiful modern family design

Stylish, contemporary furnishing in every room 

gorgeous stylish modern home interior

Incredible, modern library design 

gorgeous stylish modern design

Expansive media room

modern family house design

modern family home design

modern family interior bathroom

hallway design idea


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