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evolo -30-storey-high-rise-condominiums

Evolo at Pointe-Nord on Montreal’s Nuns’ Island neighborhood blends nature and design to create a refreshing experience.

With an emphasis on urban community, Pointe-Nord offers local shopping, pleasant views of the waterfront and city, and urban trails and parks for recreation. The neighborhood also holds a LEED ND Gold certification, demonstrating its dedication towards a low-ecological urban impact.

Evolo with low-ecological urban impact

Evolo -low-ecological-urban-impact

In keeping with the spirit of Pointe-Nord, embodies green architecture. Designed in partnership with Jean-Pierre Bart and Lemay Michaud, Evolo and Evolo2 are 30-storey high-rise condominiums, and Pavillon is a 5-storey mid-rise building. All of the buildings face onto the waterfront and are fully integrated into the greater Pointe-Nord community, where urban space is balanced with green spaces and the natural beauty of the St. Lawrence River.

Evolo – embodiment green architecture


With amenities such as gym facilities, indoor pools and guest suites, the comfort and needs of residents are at the forefront of the design. High-efficiency large windows provide natural light, as well as retain or deflect heat from the sun as appropriate, while an open-area concept lends to a clean, modern look. Non-toxic materials, such as paints, carpeting and wood, and semi-recessed balconies allow for superior indoor air quality. Geothermal heating and cooling reduces energy consumption and costs by up to 30% with innovative building designs that far exceed the National Energy Code of Canada.

Park for recreation


Evolo’s choice in using native species for landscaping reduces the use of pesticides and potable water for irrigation, while green roofs covering underground parking provide for rainwater retention, not to mention additional green space for residents. It is through small touches like this that we see the masterful blending of human and natural architecture to create an atmosphere of sustainable urban living. Individual units include dual flush toilets, low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators will reduce overall water consumption by over 25%.


Evolo demonstrates that green design and construction can be achieved while keeping with modern comfort and style. With clean lines and bright, colorful décor, these buildings combine the richness of nature with cutting-edge design to create a unique living space. This refreshing movement in design brings features previously found in office buildings and custom houses into the hands of eco-minded urbanites.


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Published by Dimitar Dimitrov
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