Rustic home design – Steigereiland 2.0 by FARO Arquitecten

Steigereiland amazing rustic home design

This lovely rustic home design is created by FARO Arquitecten and is called Steigeriland 2.0, because it is the second house designed by this studio in this Amsterdam neighborhood. The house is incorporated with many rustic features, although the entire design is a unique mix with different contemporary solutions to give the overall interior more modern, chic look. This is all accomplished through the decorations the wooden wall features and ceiling.

Sustainable rustic home design

Steigereiland rustic home design

This rustic home design also includes organic solutions. The architects have taken into great consideration the material usage in every aspect of the home structure. The house is made of recyclable materials, which are primarily natural – wood, rocks, and glass are the main materials. The house is inspired by Japanese traditional architectural solutions, which explains the prevailing wood usage.

Amazing rustic home design with organic solutions

exceptional rustic modern home design

An interesting fact is that this lovely rustic home design  by FARO Arquitecten is actually the first house to receive the PassiefBouwen certificate in Netherlands for the design and the executed plan of the home. Although it is designed as an experiment (definitely a successful one), this house represents incredible, modern sustainable solutions. Some of these solutions include a wind turbine which supplies the house with energy, making it a very eco-friendly home. The adobe walls, allow the house to stay cool during the day and release the heating during the night in a very natural way. This modern house can surely be considered as the house of the future. With its incredible design and innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions, it sets a lovely example to modern architecture.

Innovative, nature-inspired interior setting

beautiful modern residential architecture

Expansive Amsterdam-based house design interior

Steigereiland incredible expansive interior

Lovely interior design with rustic elements

Steigereiland innovative interior

Natural interior design solution 

beautiful modern rustic home design

High-quality furnishing and natural wooden walls and ceiling 

beautiful rustic home design solution

Beautiful, sustainable interior solutions

Steigereiland gorgeous rustic home design

Gorgeous, expansive windows 

modern stylish beautiful home design

inside gorgeous modern residence

gorgeous architecture modern residence

Steigereiland amazing rustic home design solution

inside Steigereiland modern residence

incredible modern residence steigereiland

stylish rustic home design

purple bedroom rustic home design

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