Modern residence – Rammed House by Kendle Design Collaborative

gorgeous innovative modern residence

This incredible modern residence also known as Rammed House is designed by Kendle Design Collaborative and its main goal is to present the modern home solutions that are simple and functional yet beautiful, sophisticated and elegant. The house is located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. The home is set as a single-story but that doesn’t make it any less suitable for an all-year-round residence. On the contrary, this beautiful house provides the utmost tranquility and innovative solutions to make any resident the happiest. Although Arizona is not a popular destination, the area of the house is ideal for quiet and comfortable living. The architecture of the home perfectly corresponds with the environment.

Incredible, stylish minimalist solutions in modern residence

gorgeous outdoor solution modern home

This modern residence by Kendle Design Collaborative features an expansive lounge area, beautifully furnished with stylish and high-quality furniture, a lovely pool area with incredible patio and an incredible terrace from the which the views towards the natural setting and skyline is simply breathtaking. Of course to make this home even more ideal and practical, the minimalist aspect of the outdoor and indoor setting is of great importance. This stylish home has incorporated many modern and unique minimalist features, that allow the interior to look even more expansive and elegant.

Lovely modern residence design

incredible modern residence solution

The Rammed House is not just another modern residence. It is unique in every design solutions. The exterior of the house is quite distinguishable and you can tell that this house architecture includes some new innovative techniques. Speaking about the indoor – this stylish residence is as cozy as you can imagine. Every interior space is designed to suit by its purpose, and every area is well-separated from the other, allowing the guests and residents to feel absolute comfort, relaxation and privacy at all times.

Gorgeous poolside area

gorgeous poolside modern home

Expansive terrace and elegant outdoor furniture

incredible picturesque view

Incredible minimalist house design night view

night view modern residential architecture

Lovely expansive outdoor area

expansive terrace beautiful view

Expansive indoor area minimalist interior design 

creative modern stylish design idea

High-quality furnishing

gorgeous living room modern residence

expansive interior design beautiful residence

beautiful poolside creative modern design

beautiful modern stylish residence

single storey modern residence

Rammed House stylish modern residence

side view modern stylish residence

stylish interior modern residence

modern residence design incredible interior

modern fireplace expansive terrace

incredible modern stylish design

beautiful modern one story house

living stylish modern design solution

lovely patio modern residence

innovative terrace solution design

incredible stylish modern residence

incredible stylish design solution

modern fireplace design expansive living room

living room design modern design

innovative modern residence solution

lovely incredible stylish modern solution

lovely modern kitchen design solution

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