Modern house design – Split residence by TWS and Partners

modern house design work place integrated

This exquisite modern house design is actually a renovation by TWS &Partners of an old house. It is situated in West Jakarta, Indonesia.

The idea of it is to create a well-distinguished working space within the architectural grounds, and blend in the two – living space and working area in the most ideal and comfortable way possible. The new renovation architecture provides intimacy and privacy for the living area and functional, expansive space for the working area. Another difficulty that the architects had to face is the willingness of the residents not to move out of the already existing home during the renovation reconstruction. Therefore each space had to be reconstructed one by one. Of course, they moved out when the new construction was done, so that the architects can reconstruct the other one.

Incredible, innovative modern house design

incredible stylish modern interior design

This modern house design is actually called “Split house”- a name very appropriate for the concept and, in a way, also very appropriate for the reconstruction process. We can say that this house, in terms of architecture is a composition of two different buildings standing on two lots, in a way standing opposite to each other, because of the slope land they are built on.

Gorgeous functional combination between working area and living space

exceptional split house modern interior

An interesting fact about this lovely modern house design is that the separation between the two different areas, we talked about earlier is not horizontal but rather vertical. This is very interesting, because it is much harder to provide a distinguished separation between the two, but the architects from TWS and Partners managed to accomplish this as well. This home is perfectly suitable for the four members of the family it is specially designed for.

Modern interior design involves more greenery

gorgeous split house design inside

Gorgeous, white interior 

greenry split house modern design

Innovative, modern hallway design

gorgeous expansive beautiful split house design

Working space withing the living area

incredible luxurious modern house

Natural environment within the interior space

innovative modern house design

Chic, stylish bathroom design 

beautiful stylish modern interior design idea

split house modern design idea

gorgeous stylish house architectural plans

well distingueshed working area plan design

incredible stylish modern solution

gorgeous incredible modern design idea

modern innovative house design

split house architectural plans

split house sketch modern design idea

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