Modern House design – Residence in Barcelos by ArqMarket

amazing modern house design solution

This incredible modern house design is located in Barcelos, Portugal and is designed by ArqMarket.  It consists of an expansive 3230 sq.

feet indoor area complemented by a high-quality wooden façade and elegant white interior design with expansive windows. As you can see the minimalist design of the exterior is brought into interior and that makes the indoor and outdoor connect in a very unique way. The expansive windows, allow that blending flow to be even more natural. With its clean design and stylish look this residential architecture allows different interior design solutions. As shown on the pictures, the minimalism is also brought into the interior through the furnishing and decorative solutions.

Minimalist, modern house design

incredible innovative modern house design

This modern house design includes expansive living areas and gorgeous stylish bedrooms. Thanks to the earth-tone interior design and furnishing which is complemented by nice contrasting elements – the chairs in the living room and the beautiful bright green bedding in the bedroom. This incredible house is the perfect example of minimalist house architecture and interior design. There’s absolutely nothing redundant in it. There are no elements in it that we can call “too much” and every interior space is elegant, stylish and most of all functional. This house has everything a modern home should provide.

Gorgeous wooden facade and patio

beautiful modern house design idea

This lovely Barcelos modern house design is the perfect residential solution as an all-year-round residence. Because of its expansive area and well-distinguished interior spaces, the house is suitable for a large family with more than four members. The house includes luxurious, fully equipped kitchen, expansive white interior living spaces, gorgeous bedrooms and beautiful patio.  This house is definitely worth the “scrolling down”.

Incredible, white minimalist interior 

stylish beautiful modern house interior

Lovely bedroom design 

modern interior design solution

Exceptional white dining room design with red chairs

gorgeous interior design barcelos dining room

Beautiful, modern  clean interior design

modern house design interior lovely solution

Exceptional, modern exterior solution

incredible stylish modern house design

Modern, stylish, expansive interior design

Barcelos house design

Stylish, master bedroom

lovely master bedroom interior design

Expansive kitchen area with luxurious furnishing

gorgeous stylish modern house desig solution

modern house design interior barcelos residence

lovely innovative modern house design solution

innovative modern house design solution

red white furniture barcelos living room

beautiful modern house interior design barcelos

incredible innovative interior modern house design barcelos

gorgeous innovative modern house design

barcelos modern house design

gorgeous dining area barcelos house

chic stylish modern house design solution

beautiful stylish modern house design interior

innovative barcelos house design

gorgeous beautiful modern stylish interior

innovative stairs modern house design interior

expansive stylish modern house design

chic earh tones bedroom design

chic earh tones bedroom design

house barcelos modern interior design

modern house design barcelos residence

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