Modern hotel – Pop-up concept by Tender 2 by Royal Botania

modern hotel tender 2 pop up

This modern hotel is part of the pop-up concept and is called Tender 2, designed by Royal Botania. Pop-up hotels and restaurants are on a certain location only temporary, that’s where the term “pop-up” comes from. Now Tender 2 is located by the shores of Knokke-Heist in Belgium and it is there for a second round in the busiest season.

Modern hotel with temporary location

amazing pop up hotel belgium

This pop-up modern hotel is a two-story beauty inside and out. You can see how innovative and chic the architecture looks, but wait till you see it on the inside. Tender 2 by Royal Botania offers wonderful accommodation, magnificent views of the shore and it is absolutely perfect for relaxation. It is an idea place if you want some privacy and romance. The outdoors offer chic modern comfortable seating, which is also designed by the same company – like the WAVE for example. If you want to spend some time outside of the hotel but still be close to the room this is definitely where you will want to relax in pure comfort. The rooms are absolutely fantastic in terms of furnishing.

Hotel pop-up concept

amazing tender 2 modern hotel pop up concept

But what does this modern hotel offer that makes it is so exceptional? First of all, it would be enough to feel as if you are in heaven just by the furnishing and gorgeous architecture, but so that you can feel spoiled beyond belief you also get a personal butler. The cuisine is simply amazing – you get only top-quality products in excellent dishes. In all this pleasure, let’s throw in a sauna and a hot tub and you just start to think to yourself can this get any better? It can, if you are with the right company of course.

Incredible, beautiful pop-up hotel Tender 2

amazing views towards beach Belgium hotel pop up

Sauna and hot tub at your disposal

exceptional design pop up hotel belgium

Your own personal butler

unbelievable pop up hotel belgium

Incredible outdoor furniture – WAVE just outside the hotel

exceptional pop up modern hotel

Amazing views from Tender 2

unbeliavable tender 2 modern hotel

amazing pop uphotel innovative

Are you ready to dive in divinity? 

tender 2 hotel key

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