Modern architecture – Private, luxurious CF residence by PUPO + GASPAR

gorgeous modern architecture luxurious home

This luxurious private residence is the perfect example of modern architecture. The residence is designed by PUPO+ GASPAR Architecture and Interior and offers us the most innovative and fresh ideas for an ideal expansive all-year-round home. If you want to feel constantly as if you are on a holiday, this is definitely the house for you. When you look at it from distance, it looks a lot like a temporary seaside home – the one you will spend only 2 -3 months at during your vacation, but when you enter it, it is a magnificent, fully-equipped artwork in every aspect, and because it is equipped with everything one would need, including divine comfort, it is the most suitable place for living.

Beatuiful modern architecture and  interior with traditional flashback elements

gorgeous poolside luxurious modern architecture private home

Usually modern architecture houses don’t have such a warm and inviting atmosphere, but this house is built to be suitable for a homely environment. Usually the other houses, are more futuristic and expansive on the outside, wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows, with odd rectangular shapes, and this is exactly why this residence is created to stands. With some old-fashioned reminiscent, traditional elements incorporated into the new innovative architectural solutions this home brings the old and the new together, creating a lovely, warm ambiance.

Private, luxurious residence in Brazil 

gardening solution modern architecture private home

You’re probably guessing that for this modern architecture residence with such a gorgeous surrounding and incredible pool you would have to have sun-all-year-round. And you’ve guessed right! This beautiful home designed by PUPO+ GASPAR Architecture & Interior is situated in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where the sun and the parties are everlasting. Because of its well-defined areas and expansive interior, the house is suitable for a big family with children of different ages.

Stylish and elegant facade of a modern private residence

modern architecture private residence

Exquisite outdoor, poolside solution

beautiful pool exceptional outdoor furniture

A private home in Brazil with beautiful, modern architecture

amazing residence beautiful modern architecture

Access to a private court 

residencial private playground court

Inside CF residence 

stylish chic cozy furniture private residence

Elegant and expansive kitchen interior design

expansive luxurious dinning room area modern home

Cozy bedroom design with beautiful furnishing

lovely home interior design beautiful funishing bedroom

expansive white interior design private residence

luxurious outdoor furnishing modern home

residential interior luxurious beautiful home

living room design cozy luxurious modern architecture

expansive beautiful stylish interior private home

beautiful modern staircase private home

luxurious guest bedroom brown bedding

beautiful expansive master bedroom design

exceptional beautiful living room furnishing

beautiful social area creative home design interior

amazing dining room design chic elegant beautiful

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