Light floods the Interior of this Restyled Contemporary Residence



Stylishly redesigned by ONG&ONG architects, this elegant home can be found in a peaceful neighborhood on Singapore’s west coast.  The restyled contemporary residence at 28 West Coast Grove was a highly successful renovation project. The architects’ key objectives were to bring more natural light into the living areas, at the same time as updating the house to suit the changing needs of the family who live here.

Bringing Light and Natural Elements into the Restyled Contemporary Residence



All natural elements combine within this restyled contemporary residence to create a home that benefits from maximum natural illumination, a free flow of fresh air and the vitality of water and luscious plants.  In order to introduce more light into the house the architects separated the main elements of the first floor rooms from the adjoining party wall. This dramatic structural intervention allowed natural illumination to flood into the property from all directions.  In addition, several large skylights were introduced to let even more daylight and fresh air into the residence.  This had the visual impact of illuminating the verdant plants growing in the house.  The plant life gives this spacious residence a sense of the exterior along with smooth pebbles used under the stairs and of course the delightful views out to the garden areas.  To maximize the impact of this newly introduced illumination, interior walls are largely decorated in white and the home also benefits from polished reflective surfaces.  Glass features on the staircase reduce barriers to the flow of light and slatted screens modulate the light and add an attractive play of shadows to the architecture.

Interior and Exterior areas are merged in the Restyled Contemporary Residence



To suit the changing needs of the occupants of this house, more space and greater flexibility of use have been achieved by enabling total interaction with outside areas.  An infinity pond filled with ornamental fish becomes a stunning focal point in the rear garden.  This creates a serene area for relaxation and meditation. Large folding glass wall panels have been installed to remove any barriers between interior and exterior areas. When these are fully open the inner living space of the restyled contemporary residence merges seamlessly with the exterior terrace and the peaceful garden area.

 Restyled contemporary residence with stunning features



Inside the restyled contemporary residence by ONG&ONG one of the most stunning features is the restyled master suite, comprising of bedroom and a private bathroom.  Here there is a luxurious “stand alone island with free standing tub and an exercise area”. Again this benefits from minimal barriers to outside with only the translucent privacy screens around the tub separating this from the rich foliage beyond.  Multiple features, such as this, show the intelligent fusion between interior and exterior zones in the composition of this restyled contemporary residence.

by Jaz

 Minimalist architecture – facade


Minimalist exterior with patio furniture


Luxury minimalist interior


Concrete and wood facade – design details


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