Home renovation by David Barr Architect

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This lovely home renovation solution to the Westbury Crescent Residence is designed and completed by David Barr Architect. It is located in a southern suburb of Bicton.

It is actually an additional space to an already existing house. The project was not only aiming to become a functional extension to the brick house residence, but also to capture the light in a unique way and reflect it onto the rest of the interior. At first the house was considered more as introverted space, as to know it the idea is to bring the outside and inside together, through a very modern and stylish renovation solution, which, of course, is especially designed for this house.

 Stylish home renovation captures the light

 westbury crescent home renovation

Although this beautiful home renovation was built to create a warmer and more firm atmosphere in the residence, as the space is much better naturally sun-soaked than before. In terms of façade, the home has not ravishingly changed much, but it has definitely improved in style. What it offers now is more privacy for the residents than before, especially in that additional area. However the character of the residence is still untouched.

 Home renovation demolishes previous nuisance

westbury modern interior design


Before thishome renovation by David Barr Architect was done, this house area included a dining area, which was never used a badly done bathroom. Now the place includes a new bathroom a practical and usable kitchen/dining area and a functional laundry room.  There is a great connection between the other part of the house and the newly done reconstruction area, which was also lacking before.

 Exceptional new addition to the house

 westbury innovative renovated home

Modern house improvement by David Barr Architect 

westbury incredible home design

Practical new home solution to Westbury Crescent Residence

 stylish modern renovated home

Modern sliding wall design idea

 incredibly stylish modern interior

Well-connected renovation to already existing house

 westbury crescent creative modern furniture

More privacy for the Westbury Crescent Residence

 incredible innovative modern stylish home

Delightful new space

home renovation westbury crescent

westbury crescent stylish home renovated

westbury crescent sketch innovative home

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