Dream House in South Africa inspires with amazing interior


The SGNW Dream House in South Africa is designed by Metropole Architects and is located in and exotic forest estate in Zimbali, South Africa. The proud owners of this amazing home have requested a dream home and the architects have offered them a dream-come-true residence. This gorgeous place is designed to capture the light and twist it in its own way. It is almost as if the light is complimenting the structure, making it even more beautiful and desirable.  The residence also features an amazing interior layout of the rooms, which are all beautifully furnished.

Dream house in South Africa with exotic interior



But what is so special about this Dream House in South Africa? What makes it different from the rest of the houses? Well, for one thing, it features unique water bodies. Besides the rim flow pool, there are a couple koi ponds. All of the water features seem to flow into one creating a unique connection between the interior of the house and the forest. The entire structure is extremely stable and totally resistant to the occasional roughness of the weather.

Dream house in South Africa – amazing architecture and design



Don’t let your eyes fool you. Though the house looks very small, embraced by the wildness of the surrounding area, it is quite expansive on the inner side. The rooms are wonderfully arranged, making living easier and more practical.

Having a Dream House in South Africa designed by Metropole Architects like this is a dream come true. The natural surroundings have blended with the interior of the house due to the usage of raw materials such as stone, water, and natural timber. Everything is well combined and beautifully balanced in order to create a special Zen-like atmosphere. This residence leaves you with a unique feeling of inner peace and balance, which is very rare for an expansive home.  This place is a synonym for pleasure and comfort. Everything, from the site to the furniture and the small elements in this house is pure gorgeousness and perfection.

Luxury dream home in South Africa – modern architecture


Luxury Patio furniture


Luxury minimalist kitchen


Country style bedroom with wall decoration


Luxury outdoor swimming pool


Modern interior with luxury dining table


Published by Dimitar Dimitrov