Contemporary student housing in Guadalajara



The Project is conceived with the intention of reusing the rear area of a terrain, which was used as warehouse of the existing business.

Localized in a zone close to the UAG (Autonomic University of Guadalajara) with a high and constant demand on student housing, the original program is modified in a way where both, the proposed contemporary student housing and the existing business could coexist.

The formal proposal consists in a three floor volume, which is situated in 145 m2. Each level represents one apartment equal in distribution and dimensions. The formal and programmatic separation of the buildings is achieved by a patio in the middle that serves as an integration space for both programs.

Access from street poses a walking journey from the sidewalk to the door through a linear park. Inside, an open vestibule exposes the project, with its stair volume attached, inviting the user to explore the upper levels and the roof, which serves as reunion public area, with a north view to the park, and a south view to the city.

In the second and third floor the public area of the apartments (kitchen, dining room and living room) is pushed to the back, towards the patio, in order to create income balconies in the front. Each apartment has natural illumination and ventilation, as well as a great view to the park and the big tree on the entrance vestibule.

Inside the apartment, the public area unfolds in an open plan scheme, maintaining a very neat architecture, and a very neat selection of materials.



Contemporary student housing close to the UAD









Interior design of the contemporary student housing in Guadalajara







Bedroom interior design of the contemporary student housing





Specifications of the contemporary stydent housing by REGAA


Project name: P623

Typology: Multifamily housing

Adress: Av. Patria 623, 45110 Col. Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco, México.


Construction: REGAA studio arquitectura

Arqchitects: Kristo Eklemes Rivial / Javier Arias González

Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, México


Date of project: 2010

Construction start date: January 2011

Construction end date : February 2012

Terrain area: 145 m2

Built area: 301 m2

Construction: Jorge Armando Hernández Varela / REGAA studio arquitectura



Art: Emilio Chalita

Marble: Marmoletti

Furniture: Glassisimo / La Silla Acapulco

Carpentry: Gerardo Lepe

Photography: Efraín Alvarado




Kristo Eklemes Rivial / Javier Arias González

REGAA studio arquitectura



Av. Patria 623 Int. 1  Col. Jardines Universidad  Zapopan, Jalisco

Tel. (33) 36 29 23 48



Av. Ventura Puente 494 Col. Cuauhtémoc  Morelia, Michoacán

Tel. (44) 33 14 02 77




email: [email protected]

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