Contemporary home in Brazil with an art gallery

beautiful breathtaking views contemporary home

This contemporary home is designed by Denise Macedo Arquitetos Associados and is located in Nova Lima, Brazil. The residence is situated on a land with a lovely natural environment where you can really sense the beauty of Brazilian nature. The large floor-to-ceiling windows that surround the entire living room area create a lovely blending flow between the outdoor and the indoor, also providing a stunning view.

Amazing contemporary home with a museum concept

mutet tones contemporary interior

This contemporary home design is incorporated with natural sustainable elements but it has a cozy, modern vibe to it and extravagant solutions in terms of interior setting and features. The home is actually a host to a private home gallery and a lovely library. This is definitely not something we see every day. This extravagant solution makes the home even more interesting and appealing. The outdoor is arranged with a lovely patio and nature-inspired furnishing, complemented by nice soft lighting. The view towards the mountain of Minas Gerais and the valley is simply breathtaking.

Innovative, contemporary home with breathtaking picturesque views

amazing contemporary home design brazil

Here we have an art gallery with modern artworks in a contemporary home, combined with a lovely picturesque view towards the outer environment and exceptional furnishing. This interior concept is flawless. The entire residence has an amazing feeling of expansiveness, due to the fact that the ceilings are tall, and every interior space is well distinguished. This residence has an exceptional concept idea. It combines a lovely warm, inviting homely atmosphere, luxurious interior and private museum all in one.

Lovely intimate reading interior 

bookshelf design gorgeous expansive interior

Gorgeous hallway, expansive interior design

expansive coridors beautiful fashion interior

Modern bookshelve design and exceptional breathtaking views towards the mountains

inside contemporary home brazil bookshelf design

Amazing floor-to-ceiling windows surround the living area 

dinning area beautiful natural surrounding solution

Extended ceiling, beautiful modern artwork gallery in the residence

gorgeous home art gallery stunning idea

Exceptional expansive interior and an amazing view through the floor-to-ceiling windows

gorgeous innovative interior design solution

Lovely, homely ambience

gorgeous expansive living area interiors

beautiful hallway design solution

fully equipped stylish modern kitchen design

beautiful bedroom design contemporary home brazil

gorgeous contemporary bathroom design

glass extended interior design solution

total relaxation beautiful exterior patio design

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