Beach house design – Casa Paracas by RRMR Arquitectos

modern beach house design

This gorgeous beach house design of a private home is created by RRMR Arquitectos.

It is located on the beautiful Paracas Bay, Ica Region of Peru. With its gorgeous architecture this amazing private home completely corresponds to the natural beach surrounding area. The house is one of the most modern beach residence solutions we have seen so far. It has completely taken advantage of the land it is built on, and despite of the popular idea that beach houses are not supposed to be solid, this one beats all the odds. The house is built almost as solid as a normal all-year-round residence. 

Gorgeous amazing beach house design

Casa Paracas architecture beach house

This beach house is designed especially to have a resistance against the heavy winds and rough weather. Because there is sunlight all-year-round the house is specially constructed to capture the light and keep it within, allowing the interior to be always natural sun-soaked. “All the paths lead to Rome”- as the famous saying goes, here all the pathways in the house lead to the pool and the amazing terrace. The overall structure is complemented by an incredible interior setting and modern functional solutions.

Stylish beach house architecture 

modern stylish beach house architecture

 The Casa Paracas beach house includes a dining room, living room, kitchen, master bedroom. All of the interior spaces are well-distinguished from each other and quite expansive. The house also features bungalows which are great for social gatherings. They also include their own private kitchenette. Through the master bedroom you get a spectacular view towards the ocean. Each interior space is beautifully furnished with modern sophisticated furniture, which gives the interior space even more expansive and stylish look.

Amazing architectural solution 

incredible beach house design idea

Gorgeous facade

Casa Paracas gorgeous beach house

Incredible views towards the ocean 

Casa Paracas exceptional beach house design

Innovative outdoor lighting solution 

modern interior design solution

Creative outdoor arrangement 

incredible beach house design idea casa paracas

Beautiful beach residence 

Casa Paracas modern beach house design

Luxurious interior design of modern beach residence 

gorgeous beautiful interior design idea

innovative modern house design idea

casa paracas modern stylish interior

modern casa paracas beach house idea

creative modern style interior design

Casa Paracas modern stylish beautiful design

Casa Paracas outdoor lighting

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