A Contemporary Green Home In Israel By Sharon Neuman Architects


This amazing contemporary green home was completed in 2011. It is designed by the talented architects from the Israeli firm Sharon Neuman Architects and is located in Herzliya, Israel. As a modern Eco Home, this house has every asset an energy efficient home would have, plus a couple of new innovative solutions that allow this contemporary green home to be naturally sun soaked throughout the whole year.

Contemporary Green Home – landscape design


This two-storey house has an area of 2,314 sq. feet. Because it is located on a very narrow plot and has a separate property attached to it, the designers came across some difficulties in terms of including the contemporary green home segments, which are the house’s goal. For instance, the eastern wall of this contemporary green home  has only a few openings, but because they are properly placed, the eastern area of the house has the maximum amount of sun soaking. Nevertheless, the walls on the southern part of house are extra thick, and the west block allows full airflow and light to come into the house. There is also a water heater and a rainwater storage, where water can be stored and recycled if necessary. The contemporary green home has air access and light coming from all sides.

Contemporary Green Home with eco-friendly  interior design



The interesting structure and the amazing design make this contemporary green home a very desirable house. It is absolutely perfect for permanent living and vacating. One of the biggest problems that architects encounter, when designing an eco-house is the homely atmosphere, which is nevertheless one of the most important aspects of creating a real household. This Eco-designed contemporary home, however, has this warm feeling of authentic home atmosphere, which makes it, of course, superior not only in terms of energy efficiency and architecture, but also in terms of interior design. This beautiful contemporary green home is the house of the future.

Sustainable eco house in Israel


white dining area


Spacious living area


white eco home



Minimalist bathroom design

minimalist-bathroom-design   two-storey-house-Sharon-Neuman-Architects

Minimalist white bedroom design


contemporary green house white facade





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